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Additional Advertising Opportunities

Add-on Option Option Price Enhanced Description
Conference Wi-Fi Landing Page $3,500.00 Exclusive opportunity to feature your brand’s logo and/or website link prominently on the Wi-Fi landing page, greeting every attendee as they connect to the internet.
Signature Conference Bags $15,000.00 Maximize brand visibility with your logo featured prominently on the front of every attendee’s conference bag.
Prime Digital Signage in Lobby $2,000.00 Elevate your brand with a corporate message displayed on strategic digital signage throughout the virtual lobby, ensuring optimal visibility before and during the event.
Dynamic Electronic Signage $1,500.00 Enhance your presence with your logo or message broadcast across six high-visibility LCD screens in key traffic areas.
Exclusive Virtual Pre-Roll Video $3,000.00 Captivate virtual attendees with a branded video showcased before the start of each morning’s CME sessions, setting the tone for the day.
Targeted Registration Packet Inserts $550.00 Insert a custom page of your company-specific information into every attendee’s registration packet, both onsite and virtual.
Featured Sponsorship in Email Blasts $1,500.00 Gain significant recognition by having your logo prominently featured in all official email communications, amplifying your support for the rheumatology community.
Prestigious CCR Brochure Branding $5,000 Choose between premium brochure cover placement or interior presence to showcase your brand to approximately 7,000 recipients, enhancing visibility and engagement.
On-site Agenda $5,000 Gain exclusive branding on the official on-site agenda, ensuring your logo and message reach every attendee, enhancing visibility and engagement throughout the event.
Memorable T-Shirt Sponsorship $8,000.00 Leave a lasting impression by sponsoring the official event T-shirts, ensuring your logo travels far beyond the event itself.
Exclusive Non-CME Video Content Sponsorship $7,500.00 Sponsor engaging video content accessible to attendees, dedicated to non-CME purposes, showcasing your brand’s commitment to education and innovation.
CCR 2024 Mobile App Sponsorship $8,000.00 Sponsor the essential CCR mobile app, placing your brand at the fingertips of every attendee on both Android and Apple platforms.
Prominent Mobile App Banner Ads $1,000.00 Boost your brand’s visibility with exclusive banner ads, rotating prominently within the official CCR mobile app.
Customized Lanyards & Flash Drives $4,500.00 Achieve continuous exposure with your logo on every attendee’s lanyard and flash drive, essential items used throughout the conference.
Enhanced Lead Retrieval and Premium Virtual Booth $350.00 Optimize lead generation with a premium virtual booth featuring video meetings, upgraded listings, and prominent visibility in our 3D meeting space.
Exclusive Save the Date Card Sponsorship $4,500.00 Feature your logo and/or website link on the official Save the Date cards, reaching approximately 7,000 potential attendees and setting the stage for your brand’s presence.
Interactive Gamecard Engagement $5,750.00 Engage directly with attendees through sponsored gamecards, driving traffic to your booth and increasing brand interaction during the event.
Delightful Ice Cream Break Sponsorship $2,250.00 Attract attendees and generate leads by sponsoring a popular ice cream break, creating a memorable brand experience at your booth.
Direct Push Notification Service $1,500.00 Utilize push notifications across the CCR mobile app and email to promote special events, drive booth traffic, or highlight your product theater.
Emerald D Wall Cling (Large) $1,200.00 Make a statement with a 9’x8′ branded wall cling, positioned for maximum attendee engagement.
Emerald D Wall Cling (Medium) $750.00 Optimize brand visibility with a strategically placed 6’x4′ wall cling, ensuring your message reaches a broad audience.
Customizable Square Columns in Foyer $975.00 Brand three sides of a 4’x43.5″ square column in the foyer, wrapping your message around

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