Dine and Learn Opportunities

Wednesday, May 8th
Start Time Title Sub Title Location
12:50 PM Product Theater - Understanding Polymyalgia Rheumatica: Pathophysiology, Presentation, and Pain Ernest Choy, M.D. Seagar's
05:00 PM Product Theater - Exploring the Role of TYK2 and other Kinases in Rheumatic Diseases Ruth Ann Vleugels, MD, MPH, MBA Coastal C
Thursday, May 9th
Start Time Title Sub Title Location
06:45 AM Product - Theater - Nailing Psoriatic Arthritis: Understanding the link between Nails and Joints Alexis Ogdie-Beatty, MD Coastal C
12:15 PM Product Theater - New Era, New Data: The Evolving Story of Kevzara Alan Epstein, MD Seagar's
12:15 PM Product Theater - Efficacy for PsA and axSpA Patients Dr, Aaron Broadwell and Jill Zouzolas, MD Coastal C
06:30 PM Product Theater - Control That’s Fast and Shown to Last – Challenge Treatment Goals in Your Adult TNFi-IR Patients with Active PsA Alan Brown, MD Seagar's
06:30 PM Product Theater - Slowing Organ Damage Progression in Lupus: The Importance of Optimal & Equitable Care Ashira D. Blazer, MD Coastal C
Friday, May 10th
Start Time Title Sub Title Location
06:30 AM Product Theater - Exploring High Rheumatoid Factor in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Clinical Implications Beyond Diagnosis Prof. Thomas Huizinga, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands Coastal C
12:45 PM Product Theater - TNFI Non responders-An engaging Discussion on Efficacy and Safety in the Treatment of RA Manish Jain, MD Seagar's
12:45 PM Product Theater - Guselkumab and IL-17 inhibitors with real-world evidence in treating adults with active psoriatic arthritis. Anthony M. Turkiewicz and Dhiman Basu, MBBS, MD, FACR Coastal C
05:00 PM Product Theater - Use of a Prescription JAK Inhibitor in a Patient Scenario with Active Ankylosing Spondylitis Ekaterini Zapantis, M.D. Coastal C
06:00 PM Product Theater - Navigating SLE: A Review of Disease Burden and a Novel Treatment Option With 4-Year Data Pendleton Wickersham, M.D. Seagar's
Saturday, May 11th
Start Time Title Sub Title Location
06:30 AM Product Theater - Considering the Impact of a Biomarker-driven Approach: A Personalized Way to View Moderate-to-Severe RA Priya Reddy, MD, FACR Coastal C
12:45 PM Product Theater - MDD Perspectives: An Open Discussion in the Diagnosis and Management of Interstitial Lung Diseases Howard J. Huang, MD Coastal C
12:45 PM Product Theater - Looking Deeper – A focus on Long-Term Skin and Joint Data for Adult Patients with Active PsA Jennifer Cather, MD Seagar's
02:45 PM Product Theater - A Clinical Approach to Hypophosphatasia Dhiman Basu, MD Coastal C