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Connect with Global Healthcare Leaders & Gain Exposure at Premier CME/MOC Accredited Conferences

Exposure & Reach

Opportunity to expand your brand's reach globally, connect with rheumatology providers from across the nation

Brand Awareness

Provides your brand with an excellent platform to increase brand recognition, heighten brand awareness, and stand out among competitors.

Thought Leadership

Position your brand as an industry leader and establish yourself as a thought leader in the field of rheumatology.

Networking Opportunities

Build key relationships with healthcare professionals, industry experts, and other sponsors.

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Both Virtual and On-Site Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Sponsoring the Congress of Clinical Rheumatology events provides businesses with a unique opportunity to connect with healthcare professionals, industry leaders, and like-minded individuals from around the globe. By sponsoring these premier CME/MOC accredited conferences, businesses can increase brand recognition, expand their reach globally, establish themselves as thought leaders in the field of rheumatology, and build key relationships with healthcare professionals and other sponsors. The events provide an excellent platform for businesses to showcase their commitment to advancing the field of rheumatology, demonstrate their knowledge and expertise, and gain exposure to a diverse audience. Sponsoring these events is an investment in the future of the field, as well as an opportunity to strengthen your brand’s reputation and expand your network.

Sponsor CCR East

Destin, FL.

The Congress of Clinical Rheumatology offers an excellent exhibit opportunity for your company. Increase your exposure by reaching one of the largest groups of rheumatologists in the U.S. Attended by more than 624 participants from 46 states, 5 provinces of Canada, and 19 countries.  The ease of access to clinical rheumatologists in a relaxed envioronment provides your company with an ideal way to communicate the benefits of your product.



If your company is interested in exhibiting during The Congress of Clinical Rheumatology-East, please refer to the details below.  For questions related to sponsorship opportunity availability, exhibit placement or shipment, contact


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March 27

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March 27

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Sponsor CCR West

San Diego, CA.

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Increase Brand Exposure, Establish Industry Leadership, and Build Key Relationships at Premier CME/MOC Accredited Conferences in Destin, FL and San Diego, CA.